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B Magazine is an ad-less publication that dedicates each issue to the story of one specific brand. A brand documentary, it not only shares untold stories behind the featured brand but also the sentiment and culture that shapes them. Each issue is packed with B's unique insights and in-depth analysis into what makes these brands iconic.

Th 19th edition features Thule.

Thule, a pioneer of outdoor equipment roof racks for cars, may not be a brand familiar to the mass public. For most consumers the first time they hear about the brand will come when they pick up an outdoor hobby and find themselves stumped by the problem of fitting all their gear into their cars. 

Thule has dedicated itself to the deceptively simple goal of expanding automobile loading capacity. One of the brand’s key attractions is its ability to fit its products to any car from any year, despite the constant design changes made by automobile manufacturers with their design iteration. This B issue is a great introduction to a brand that has conquered a specific problem, charting the increasing popularity of outdoor activities, and Thule's position as a standard-setter of the industry today.

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