B MAGAZINE - Maison Margiela

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B Magazine is an ad-less publication that dedicates each issue to the story of one specific brand. A brand documentary, it not only shares untold stories behind the featured brand but also the sentiment and culture that shapes them. Each issue is packed with B's unique insights and in-depth analysis into what makes these brands iconic.

Th 54th edition features Maison Margiela.

B magazine delves into why this brand - so unlike anything else in the fashion industry - demands our attention. Founder Martin Margiela shied away from the spotlight, choosing anonymity over celebrity and ‘we’ over ‘I’. An avant garde at heart, he challenged the idea of traditional garments by experimenting with deconstruction and reconstruction, exaggerated silhouettes and trompe-l’oeil (optical illusion). The brand has discarded many of the ideas that are regarded as common sense in fashion, reinterpreting things in its own way.

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