Inspired by: Code Deco by Gauri Garodia

We are so excited about November and December! In Good Company celebrates its first Anniversary (!!!) and we've made grand plans for it. Not only will we be presenting our first runway show during Digital Fashion Week (Naomi's coming - yes, that Naomi), we will also be hosting a Pop-up store at TANGS Orchard featuring collaborations with six other Singapore-based creative businesses. Watch this space to read more about these collaborators and what we love about them.

First up is Gauri Garodia from Code Deco.

Gauri is probably one of the most interesting people we've ever met. Her stories and world-views are intriguing, and her passion for her craft is simply inspiring. She is the founder of an artisanal perfumery called Code Deco - a visionary creative business that we were so happy to find.

We could talk to Gauri for hours; we did, somewhat, and from that session, ideas formulated into a collaboration between IGC and Code Deco.


Image credit: Code Deco

The art of Scent is both chemistry and romance. Gauri views it as an amalgamation of art and science; she conceptualizes the mood and personality of each scent, and these are then translated into detailed - but creative - guidelines at the laboratory of secrecy and wonderment.

Smell as one of five senses was first identified by Aristotle (who also identified taste, a sense so closely linked to smell that they are sometimes regarded as one sense). Smell is very much linked to emotions and memory (such as a whiff of freshly baked cookies to evoke irrational happiness, and then foreboding doom over forgotten diet plans), and even stress levels and concentration, where aromatherapy comes into play.

It is this link between smell and its evocations that fascinates us. We wondered if it was possible to put an olfactory personality to the IGC individuality. And Gauri was the perfect nose for it. She will be curating six distinctive fragrances for IGC from the Code Deco fragrance collections. These are gorgeous scents that communicate so much about Gauri and the inspirations that draw from her love of literature, travel, music and art. 

Aside from the curated six, she has also created a new scent, Blanc One, especially designed to complement IGC's signature white shirting range from the newest Capsule 3 collection, due to launch on 1st December.

A preview of the IGC white shirting range that partners Blanc One 


We highly recommend everyone to attend the Code Deco Public Workshop, a multi-sensory workshop conducted by Gauri herself, that will take you through scents and the senses; if only to meet Gauri who will take you places.

"The Jazz base was inspired by Coltrane's 'Violets for your Furs'. It is a dark melancholy piece so we wanted to create a complex base with loads of depths and resonance. Ultimately we settled on an accord made out of cedarwood, tobacco, leather, patchouli, and the pièce de résistance - vetiver from Haiti. This base is such a beauty that we decided to build an entire series around it, graduating from dark, enigmatic A minor through to a sparkling bubbling Happy Blu."



Save the Dates

IGC's pop-up store presented by TANGS - 1 November

IGC at Digital Fashion Week, live-streaming on Youtube - 3 November

Code Deco Public Workshop: The Perfumer's Work Bench with Gauri Garodia - 30 November