IGC x KUANTH: collaborating on the first IGC prints - a preview

The cross pollination of ideas is intrinsic to In Good Company. To be amongst like-minded individuals driven by fresh ideas and personal passions is the impetus for IGC’s collaborative initiatives. One collaborator that we love and have worked with often (and there are more to come) is illustrator Kuanth.

His child-like imaginations are a visual fest; not childish but filled with a wonderful whimsy. What we like most about his illustrations is his hand-drawn signature, his low-fi approach to narrative, and the characters in his drawings that make you want to run away with them in merriment. 

If you have noticed, IGC hasn't done anything with prints yet as we only wanted to use prints that were exclusive to us. We were looking for a fabric print that was modern and engaging, and it had to work for both the Ready-to-wear line and Mini-me. We also wanted a story - a colourful abstract of a story told in prints.

So Kuanth designed three exclusive prints for IGC. You'll see this in the upcoming collection Capsule 3, due to be released this November.

Kuanth started his doodles based on unidentified sea creatures. He was inspired by a documentary he had seen about pollution and decided to build his characters around themes of water scarcity, wastage, and all of nature's gifts that we take for granted.

This grew into fantastical creatures - still unidentified - gliding and frolicking amidst rain globules and cumulonimbus clouds. The three prints flow from a tempestuous world to pop-like dreamscapes to a rain-washed, undulating coniferous kingdom.

These will be made into casual and playful styles from IGC including a romper and a camisole with shoestring macramé knots.

Print Swatch:

Look out for more from Kuanth x IGC! We are planning something biggish for our First anniversary in December so do watch this space.

Check out Kuanth's excellent portfolio here: http://www.kuanth.com

Kuanth working at it on the left, and Kane... hovering on the right.