IGC Mixtape: #01 // HEART OUT by fFurious

The IGC mixtape series is our opportunity to move outside of ready-to-wear to work with kindred creative spirits. We like collaborating and keeping good company.

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Here's what we are listening to as we work. Let us know what you think and if you want to recommend music, or if you have a mixtape for us – yes, please!

IGC #01 // HEARTOUT by fFurious:

fFurious is a multi-disciplinary creative agency that has excellent taste – we’re huge fans of their work, and their portfolio is an illustrious list of all things independent and excellent local. We have implicit trust in their music taste. Here’s a lovely mixtape they’ve made for us called Heart Out.

“It’s a curious thing; living through love and life, the ups-and-downs, and how we get through it all. Living in good company is keeping a happy knitted ball of people connections but too often this can get entangled, and just as well, it’s easy to untangle too. It’s all one very long string making up a tapestry of relationships. That’s the meaning of life, no?”

Find them here: www.ffurious.com

IGC#01 // HEART OUT by fFurious by Ingoodcompany on