Vanilla Skies

White is one of our favourite colours at In Good Company. It starts out as a blank canvas, and launches to give primary design sketches life and character. It certainly manages the way we put collections together - the basis of every collection. It has the ability to bring colours together by giving it a breather: "That colour palette is too gloomy / neutral-boring - it needs light to break it up..." Enter White. Like Vanilla bean ice-cream with Brandied Cherries (stupid fashion people, we hear you say, but whatever helps the process along. *Slurp). The Japanese have six distinct terms to define whiteness. It's easy to romanticize white and lace it with poetry. Borrowing from the Pantone lexicon throws up some dashboard inspirational names like magnolia, ecru, egg-shell, seashell, ivory, etc...  all of which denote purity and tranquility. It's one of the easiest colours to look chic in too; it's crisp and it's fresh - it's Sunday. White opens up a field of dreams. 

Moodboard Whites:

                                                                                ADELE Cupro Boat Neck Color Block Top

Delpy Peplum Cotton Peplum Top

Recipe: White Asparagus with Bechamel Sauce                                                         EDEN Bonded Cotton Top

GRETCHEN Crepe Dress with Peep Sleeves

Recipe: coconut lime cupcakes with white chocolate frosting                              PEGGY Stretch Cotton Dress