Wanted: A Jacket Heroine

Much has been said about the new Jacket; its new proportions and the modern spins made to its prim folds. What a huge undertaking that is. We certainly didn’t want to re-invent the wheel. We wanted jackets that were less formal. Perhaps they could be slope-shouldered. Let’s make them soft around the shoulders. Less rigid, more tender.

WANTED: a Jacket heroine to wear to a… non-occasion. If found, she must be versatile and present multiple styling possibilities.

There is a seductive appeal to soft Jackets that place an effortless notch to completing a final look. We raveled in the idea of IGC Jackets that layered easily; well-behaved jackets that were easy to maintain, and to shrug on-and-off, culminating in a look that was idiosyncratic to the wearer.

So we came up with these:-

ALBA Bi-fabric Cardi Jacket

A cardi-style jacket that pits Cotton Pique (textured) against Cupro (soft). We paired these so that the fabrics played alongside each other – each has a different weight and hand-feel, and when paired together, it provides a harmonious combination of nonchalance and luxe.


WINSLET Crepe Harrington Jacket

Once the essential elements of the Mods’ style code, the Harrington Jacket maintains its symbolism of 60s counterculture and retro male fashion peacockery. The WINSLET takes elements of the traditional Harrington jacket and mixes it up with soft, fluid crepe. Inspiration: Cool Boy-girl styles.


AVRIL Crepe Drapy Jacket

We wanted a bit of each kind of Jacket. So AVRIL was given a personality that was very feminine and soft. The fluid hang of soft Crepe and Kane’s draping gave it the insouciant weight we were looking for.


BLAINE Cupro Biker Jacket

We love the defiant allure of the biker jacket. The badass appeal of a biker jacket clad Marlon Brando in The Wild One, coupled with Patti Smith’s piercing side-eye, yes please. Let BLAINE be the lovechild of a hard-edge sensibility and lightweight feminity rendered in soft Cupro. Incidental read: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


We hope you'll find your own Jacket heroine.