What is in a name?

 "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." -- Romeo and Juliet. 

Wisterias, Sweet Peas, and Gardenias all smell lovely; the Rose, if it were called Arugula, would still smell as sweet. Aru-gu-la doesn't have the same evocation as Rose though. Rhythm, muse, and "feel" is how we name IGC pieces. The last is probably the most accurate. 

We envision the person who would best fit a piece that has been finished - when the drape, the fit, the flow, and tailored hem are all done. But sometimes, we already have a name blossoming at the back of our minds, and the piece grows with this name.

Listed here are a few of the namesakes that have inspired pieces. 

(Not all IGC namesakes are icons or celebrities. Some are friends, some are Mothers, and some are people we'd have liked to have conversations with when our paths cross on the streets. We should have, really.)

  HEPBURN Stretch Cotton Peplum Top 

Audrey Hepburn, by Wallace Seawell c.1959 |  HEPBURN Stretch Cotton Peplum Top


 STEVIE Crepe Bi-fabric paneled blouse 

Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac - Got to love the way she does Boho Chic |   STEVIE Crepe Bi-Fabric Paneled Blouse


 SURI Cupro Playsuit

Suri Cruise  | SURI Cupro Playsuit

Other namesakes that have given IGC pieces personalities:

Chloë Sevigny for being unapologetic and for her idiosyncratic style.

& Twiggy, for being Twiggy.             



In our previous blog post, we asked for suggestions - thank you, everyone, for the excellent names! We're adding the names of Venus, Lola, Gabrielle, Vivien, and Donna to the notebook of inspirations. 

And also the namesakes of Candice, Geraldine, Jessie, and Rima who contributed. :)

Dear Yiting, Donna Paulson from 'Suits' is a great heroine to name after! She kicks ass with chic aplomb.