Taking a breather along hidden trails


Credit: http://www.messynessychic.comCredit: http://www.messynessychic.com 

Photo Source: Messy Nessy Chic

How’s this for a walk in the park? 

Drop a sigh, with a hand on the heart; take a deep breath. 


Found this beautiful post "A Walk along the Paris inner city Railway, abandoned since 1934" from the wonderful blog Messy Nessy Chic which starts with:

"I spent my Saturday afternoon, avoiding the Parisian summer crowds and tiptoeing along the train tracks of the “Little Belt” railroad (La Petite Ceinture), a surviving relic of a bygone era, closed since 1934; open for pleasant summer strolls if you look hard enough for a way in..."

Too lovely for words. It must make anyone wish to be spirited away immediately, to be teleported amidst the flowers and peep into nooks and crannies of a memory.




In real time, the first photo reminds us of the flowers around the IGC factory in Jiang Su, China. A tiny provincial farming village away from the grime of industrial areas filled with lovely flowers where everything in the village is self-sustaining. These same flowers are pressed to make cooking oil. The villagers produce their own food in crops such as rice and vegetables, fish for their own fish, bake their own bread and so on.




Back home, we too have a nice similar walks in the Green Corridor, where the KTM trains used to run. The best stretch of Green corridor used to be the stretch from the railway bridge over Upper Bukit Timah going towards Bukit Panjang - it was a lovely shaded lovely corridor of green trees all above and around you - and if you continued farther you'd go past little railway guard houses that lie in ruins. Alas, we can't be sure of what will become of the Green Corridor now (its name also appears to have changed to the Rail Corridor). Many changes are being proposed and most of them alarming - it could go the way of Bukit Brown (a huge potential loss in our opinion). That hasn't stopped people who continue to run, bike, and stroll through the Rail Corridor. Follow updates on the Green Corridor community here.