About The Designers....

from left, Kane Tan and Sven Tan)

The creative anchors behind IN GOOD COMPANY are, Sven Tan (our tailoring whiz) and Kane Tan (our super master draper). Both armed with prestigious merits and years of industry experience under their belts, they are also co-founders of the label. This creative duo has successfully melded the simplicity of mannish clean lines with fluid femininity that is to be the very unique signature of IN GOOD COMPANY. 
Designers' Background 

Sven Tan became Singapore fashion's superstar of 2005 when he snagged the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Award. He was immediately snapped up by a major homegrown luxury trader The Link Group to create its first house label, after that. In the seven years that he's led its design team at Alldressedup, the label's become one of Asia's first labels to successfully break out in Europe in international stores from Saks Fifth Avenue in the US and the Middle East and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. Arguably one of Asia's most original yet commercial designer today, Sven has set new sights on re-inventing a modern woman's wardrobe staples.

Kane Tan is the rare Malaysian to hold the title of Singapore's Young Designer of 2004. It took the younger Kane longer to graduate from Sven Tan's very alma mater, the Raffles Design Institute and follow in the latter's footsteps right into the core Alldressedup design team in 2007. Since then, the duo's worked side-by-sde, with Sven as the tailoring whiz, and Kane as the master draper. Now behind every lovingly hand-crafted detail fashion-lovers can always expect from IGC is Kane's signature touch.