Inspired by: Mmerci Encore

"By appointment or by chance" - there, printed on a white card, were the opening titles to the world of Mmerci Encore. We had heard lots about the bath and skincare brand founded by Alli Sim through word-of-mouth reviews; had admired photos of the apothecary-styled jars of balm and lovingly hand-written script; we also found her blog and were taken in by the content - an inventory of beautiful images, gathered quotes, and inspiring "mid-week mantras" that made Mondays better and stay-in Fridays appealing.

That is the magic of Mmerci Encore world - thank you again - a gathering of "the little things" that matter and a web enclave of quiet time and self-reflection. It is exactly this penchant for living better that crafts Mmerci Encore products: "aromatherapy preparations made for bath and bedtime rituals to feed the soul, skin and psyche." Feel-good personal luxuries to ravel in.

We had to make an appointment.

IGC x The Body Shop: An Effortlessly Polished Look For Capsule 3

Time has been flying by as we keep busy as bees with all those exciting plans we mentioned in the last post, which Her World also gave a shout-out on a little while ago. 

As the official make-up sponsors for Digital Fashion Week, The Body Shop has chosen IGC as their fashion label of choice to work with during the event. If you would like to view both the clothes and beauty looks up-close,  save the date on November 3, 8pm to watch our live stream on Youtube.


Inspired by: Code Deco by Gauri Garodia

We are super excited about November and December. In Good Company celebrates its first Anniversary (!!!) and we've made grand plans for it. Not only will we be presenting our first runway show during Digital Fashion Week (Naomi's coming - yes, that Naomi), we will also be hosting a Pop-up store at TANGS Orchard featuring collaborations with six other Singapore-based creative businesses. Watch this space to read more about these collaborators and what we love about them.

First up is Gauri Garodia from Code Deco.

Gauri is probably one of the most interesting people we've ever met. Her stories and world-views are intriguing, and her passion for her craft is simply inspiring. She is the founder of an artisanal perfumery called Code Deco - a visionary creative business that we were so happy to find.


IGC x KUANTH: collaborating on the first IGC prints - a preview

The cross pollination of ideas is intrinsic to In Good Company. To be amongst like-minded individuals driven by fresh ideas and personal passions is the impetus for IGC’s collaborative initiatives. One collaborator that we love and have worked with often (and there are more to come) is illustrator Kuanth.

His child-like imaginations are a visual fest; not childish but filled with a wonderful whimsy. What we like most about his illustrations is his hand-drawn signature, his low-fi approach to narrative, and the characters in his drawings that make you want to run away with them in merriment. 

IGC Mixtape: #01 // HEART OUT by fFurious

The IGC mixtape series is our opportunity to move outside ready-to-wear to work with kindred creative spirits. We like collaborating and keeping good company.

Follow us on Mixcloud to hear music that our friends have put together for us:

IGC #01 // HEARTOUT by fFurious:

fFurious is a multi-disciplinary creative agency that has excellent taste – we’re huge fans of their work, and their portfolio is an illustrious list of all things independent and excellent local. We have implicit trust in their music taste. Here’s a lovely mixtape they’ve made for us called Heart Out.

IGC#01 // HEART OUT by fFurious by Ingoodcompany on Mixcloud

Wanted: A Jacket Heroine

Much has been said about the new Jacket; its new proportions and the modern spins to its prim folds. What a huge undertaking that is. We certainly didn’t want to re-invent the wheel. We wanted jackets that were less formal. Perhaps they could be slope-shouldered. Let’s make them soft around the shoulders; less rigid, more tender.

WANTED: a Jacket heroine to wear to a… non-occasion.

Grow up with me


Grow with it. Note to self: Don't forget.


Vanilla Skies

White is one of our favourite colours at In Good Company. It starts out as a blank canvas, and launches to give primary design sketches life and character. It certainly manages the way we put collections together. It has the ability to bring colours together by giving it a breather: "That colour palette is too gloomy / neutral-boring - it needs light to break it up..." Enter White.

What is in a name?

What's in a name? 

How an IGC piece is named: Rhythm, muse, and 'feel'.


Photo source:  

(A great book customized to whatever name you want. The child in question too.)

Behind-the-seams: Currently unnamed

Here's what we've been working on. 

It's a work-in-progress but it needs to be named. We're still deciding on an identity, or a character if you will. If you have noticed, each IGC product has a female name , each bearing a certain quirk and trait. There will be a blog post soon on how these names came to be. Some come by inspiration while others are serendipitous.

In the meantime, if you have a name for the piece below based on "feel", give us a shout-out. 

(Let us know in the comments below, or on its Facebook post - Thank you, lovely people!)


Recovering the Lost and Found

The most interesting things found off the web tend to swing  towards nostalgia and the lost and found. Can't be too sure what that means from a psychoanalytical perspective - but it's probably best not to over think that.  Don't know if it's the same for you, but blogs and webzines revolving around these themes bring both joy and curiosity, and are the best kind of time-fillers in-between thousand emails and Kopi-Gao, HTML problems and conquering that pesky drape that just won't fall right (NB: this is one of those annoying moments).


IGC Mini-me adventures


IGC, you might be surprised to know, was initially conceptualized as a children’s wear label. That was then. The label evolved after much coffee and tinkering...

POP UP at TANGS Orchard


Taking a breather along hidden trails

How’s this for a walk in the park? 

Found this beautiful post from the wonderful blog Messy Nessy Chic which starts with:

"I spent my Saturday afternoon, avoiding the Parisian summer crowds and tiptoeing along the train tracks of the “Little Belt” railroad (La Petite Ceinture), a surviving relic of a bygone era, closed since 1934; open for pleasant summer strolls if you look hard enough for a way in..."


Behind-the-seams: HANNAH & HELENA


Karen's Style Edit!


About The Designers....


The Story Behind The Label